viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

The Foundation that keeps our cultural heritage: Santa María, (Albarracín, Teruel).

The Santa Maria Foundation in Albarracín is a non-profit organisation and an innovative project in which the outstanding and wonderful cultural heritage of Albarracín is managed.

The Foundation was created in 1996, promoted by several institutions of Albarracín. It´s located in the village´s old episcopal palace, which was restored thanks to a previous programme.
Its most important aims are:
  • The economical and sociocultural development of the region.
  • The restoration, conservation and management of the cultural heritage.
  • To vitalize the cultural and historical legacy.
  • The promotion of diverse cultural and educational activities.
  • The establishment of collaboration sources among different organizations.

One of the most important Foundation aims is the architectural restoration. Since its beginnings many important monuments have been recovered from forgetfulness.
The constant activation of the village is due to the application of an important cultural programme, divided by different actions such as courses and seminaries, exhibitions and concerts. Since some time ago there has been a big development of an artistical creation programme designed for painting professionals on a first stage of creation and also for movable goods restorers.

At present Albarracín is also considered as a city for meetings and congresses. The infrastructures and services given by the Foundation make possible to celebrate any collective event, also supported by the numerous and very nicely furnished little hotels around Albarracín

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