lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2018

Watch how Aragon TV announced "the Oscar to the Best Cheese in the World"

This week "Aragon en Abierto" of Aragon TV connected live from the set with our Dairy in Albarracin to celebrate the new 12 World Cheese Awards we won in the latest edition of this famous world event also known as "the Oscar of cheeses" .

The live broadcast was entertaining: From the same chambers where the different Sierra de Albarracín cheeses are stored ready to send to the gourmet market to the interior of La Cava de Mía with Alberto Asensio, CEO of Cheeses Sierra de Albarracín, as the guide to this gastronomic visit . Precisely in this cellar two of our most preciated cheeses have won two gold medals respectively: the soft cheese and the pressed cheese "La Cava de Mía".

Thanks again to Aragon in Abierto for the coverage of this important achievement for our cheeses that recognize us as the most awarded cheese factory in Aragon and the 2nd in Spain.

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