viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

Spanish Snack Board. Surprise your guests!

It´s Friday afternoon and you have some friends coming home by surprise… WHAT TO DO NOW? You can amaze them with a simple but delicious board with some of the most typical snacks from Spain.

Easy, classy and yummy!

What are the ingredients that we´ll need?
The Spanish snacking culture or “tapeo” is based on 4 main pillars. These are; cold meat, cheese, bread & wine.

From here your imagination has no limit, but sometimes the simpler, the better a snack board will be.

We propose the following one:
  • Cold meat:
    • Spanish “jamón” (cured ham) must never be missing.
    • Chorizo” (hard pork sausage).
    • Salchichón” (salami-type cured sausage).
  • Cheese: all kinds of cheese can be used. A number of 4-6 different types would be great. We recommend start eating the softest one. From there keep on tasting a stronger cheese than the previous one. This way people can fully enjoy the flavour of each cheese.
  • Bread & Wine – Wine & Bread: The order is not important because both are the perfect and irreplaceable accompaniments. They will be the finishing touch of a perfect cycle of Spanish gastronomy.
  • You can also add some nuts and quince jelly to surpass the senses, but that´s an option.
Source: Flickr of Gonmi 

There is one last ingredient that will turn this simple dish into the perfect one in your house: a good conversation with good friends. It makes everything ten times better.

Our cheese offer comprises many different kinds; from creamy to hard ewe cheese, going through goat cheese, wine cheese and more. All of them are rich in flavour and texture.

We encourage you to visit our website and see the entire world that surrounds the production of our cheese. Then you will understand why we are so proud of what we do and also of how we do it.


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