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Quiche with cheese and shrimps recipe

Quiche with cheese and shrimps recipe

Scramble the eggs until the mixture has a unique colour. Add the milk, the sugar, the salt, the oil (or butter) and last the backing powder and mix all together very well.
Add the flour and stir it all until the dough is uniform and has no lumps. Let it settle during 40 minutes.
Spread the dough and locate it on an oven tray previously oiled, if possible, the tray will have elevated borders so the dough will be able to hold the stuffing. Prick the dough and let it settle for a while again.

Boil the shrimps and peel them. You can fry them a little with garlic if you wish. Let them chill.
Cut the cheese into cubes.
Mix very well in a container the cream, the milk, the eggs, the cumin, the salt and the black pepper.
Mix also the cheese cubes with the shrimps on the dough, once everything is there; pour the liquid over the stuffing and at the end spread out the grated cheese. Finally the quiche must be in the oven at a temperature of around 375 ºF during 40 minutes.
To enjoy this recipe to the utmost, we recommend you to try to do it with one of our first quality cheeses. You can get them through our online store.
Enjoy your meal!

o   1.1 lb flour
o   0.55 lb (8.8 oz.) milk
o   1.4 oz. Baking powder
o   A pinch of sugar
o   A pinch of salt
o   5 cl olive oil / 2.1 oz. butter
o   2.2 lb peeled shrimps
o   1.1 lb Cheese from Albarracín (Blue Label for mild flavour or Red Label and/or Gold Label for a more intense flavour)
o   4 cl olive oil
o   0.55 lb (8.8 oz.) cream
o   4 eggs
o   A pinch of cumin
o   Black pepper
o   Salt (to order)
o   1.76 oz. grated Cheese from Albarracín (the same as used before)

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