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Cheeses "La Cava de Mia", the first refining cellar in Spain

"La Cava de Mia" the first cheese ripening cellar, unique in its kind, was presented on July 6th to the press, collaborators and friends of Cheeses Sierra de Albarracín.

Coinciding with our tenth anniversary, we decided to build this limestone cellar obtained from its environment which reproduces the conditions of a natural cave but having the latest technology. This allows a maximum control of temperature, humidity and aeration, favoring the implementation of a unique and exclusive flora cheeses, consisting of mildew (Penicillium candidum), yeasts,... which gives them their own personalitys as they mature on wooden shelves (sabina).

The human factor plays a fundamental role, as the cheeses are turned daily and changed of place periodically, in order to ensure a higher homogeneity in each shipment.

"La Cava de Mia" has a production capacity of 6,000 kilos per year of these sheep milk cheeses produced exclusively from the cattle owned by the Dairy and processed according to strict guidelines about food and hygiene.

Here is where our two new gastronomic treasures under this brand will be refined:
- Soft cheese with four weeks of maturation (150g).
- Pressed cheese with three months of maturation (750g).

Two new cheeses in which we have been working for a long time performing tests with different formats and textures, with different ripening times and observing the possibilities offered by these exclusive facilities.

Maturing cheese with organoleptic high-tech needs to have a good quality milk and follow a methodology and appropriate protocol to ensure the safety and wholesomeness of the final product. Thus, cheeses refined in "La Cava Mia" are unique products which have unique and unrepeatable textures and flavors.

"La Cava de Mia" comes from a complex project that began a year ago, with the idea of creating a place for cheeses which could mature in the same way as they have done since time immemorial: in contact with nature. The goal is to produce cheese with increasing quality and greater recognition, without losing the artisan value as differential element of our cheeses. Under these assumptions we decided to build "La Cava de Mia", a unique space within the Quesería in Albarracín becoming the first cheese refining cave in Spain.

"La Cava Mia" is a tribute to the tradition and culture of the environment, as it's represented by a symbol extracted from a cave painting in Pinares del Rodeno, which provided food and shelter for man for centuries. At the same time, it takes the name of the daughter of Alberto Asensio, director of Quesos Sierra de Albarracin, as her birth gift.

The opening of "La Cava Mia"

Its inauguration took place on July 6 in the presence of the Quesos Sierra de Albarracín team, headed by Alberto Asensio, as well as reference journalists in the Aragonese gastronomy, project collaborators, friends and prescribers.

Our sincere thanks to the sponsors of this special event: Antonio Jimenez, Managing Director of the Santa María de Albarracín Foundation and Maria Jose Meda, Michelin star chef of "Hospedería El Batan".

After the emotional welcome, we visited the cheese factory where Alberto Asensio explained in detail all the production stages while the smell of cheese wheted the appetite of the attendees.

Then, in small groups, the attendees could enter into the cave and learn about the maturation process of these new cheeses. José Luis Martin, Master Refiner and Collaborator, explained the highlights of "La Cava de Mia". (check out the video above)

Finally, the most awaited moment came: the tasting of the first soft and pressed cheeses "La Cava de Mia". A cheese tasting guided by José Luis, brilliantly to not miss a single nuance.

The private lunch celebration took place in the restaurant "Tiempo de Ensueño", owned by Chef Maria Jose Meda and Sebastian Rosello in Albarracin, where we enjoyed a delicious menu with great presence of other concerning products and ingredients from Aragon. Amazing.

After a morning full of gastronomic pleasures, nothing better than ending the day with the great Albarracín Cathedral, when the Foundation celebrates its 20th anniversary.

In short, all our high expectations for this day were perfectly fulffilled.

Thanks to all who joined us and made possible this unforgettable day. Now, it's time to share "La Cava de Mia" with all of you.

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