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12 new World Cheese Awards to Cheeses Sierra de Albarracin

Last Friday November 2 took place the edition of the World Cheese Awards 2018-19, considered the "Oscar" of cheeses. The contest, which meet cheese producers, consumers, vendors, distributors, experts and food critics from around the world for more than three decades, once again broke the record of participation. This year was held in Bergen (Norway), there were sent 3,500 types of cheese from all corners of the planet to be judged in a single day by a professional jury composed of 230 experts from 29 nations.

Sara Narro (Communication Responsible) and Ximo Alpuente (Master Cheese Maker of Queso Artesano de Teruel SL)

During this frantic day of tasting, the judges, working in teams of three or four people, decided that cheeses were worthy of a gold, silver or bronze medal based on the appearance of the bark, body, color, texture, consistency and on everything, taste of each one.

12 new World Cheese Awards: 3 golds, 6 silvers and 3 bronzes.

And that's how the Sierra de Albarracín cheeses managed to obtain 12 new medals, making the Teruel dairy one of the most awarded of the event, with 3 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze medals.

On this occasion, the winners of the three gold medals were the Red Wine Sheep Cheese, which renews the gold medal it won in 2012, and the cheeses from La Cava de Mía in their two varieties, soft and pressed paste.

La Cava de Mía is a project that the cheese factory launched in 2016 as an attempt to improve and differentiate, which was to create a place for cheese in which it could mature and refine in the same way it has done since time immemorial , in contact with nature and the materials that are extracted from it. Under these premises, La Cava de Mía is a singular space whose architecture represents that of a cave, but in which the temperature, humidity and aeration can be controlled, thus favoring a unique and specific flora for the cheese, so that the cheeses that they are made there are unique and genuine.

With 48 prizes, one of the most recognized cheese factories in Spain

The Albarracín cheeses awarded with a Gold medal at the World Cheese Awards 2018-19 pose with the Cava de Mía behind

With these twelve medals, there are already 48 awards that the Cheese Factory of Albarracín has managed to treasure in this contest, repeating as the most awarded cheese of Aragon and one of the most awarded in Spain. A huge achievement that may seem like a dream for this small cheese factory that began its journey twelve years ago, which defends the values ​​of the traditional and the artisanal preparation and protects and pampers its product thus granting it the exclusivity it deserves.

Many thanks to all who have contributed their work and support to this new success.

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