martes, 15 de abril de 2014

Easy and Delicious Lettuce Salad Recipe with Cheese from Albarracín Spain

We share this easy and quick, but tasty recipe by chef Luis Estopiñán, in El Milagro Restaurant (Teruel, Spain).

To prepare this delicious salad you will need:


You can find all Cheeses from Albarracin we have used in the recipe and the rest of our products in our shop online:

  1. Paint a circle in the centre of the plate where the salad will be served with the balsamic vinegar reduction and place the cream cheese from Albarracin inside the circle.
  2. Now, place a line of lettuce over the cream cheese from Albarracin.
  3. Then, place the anchovies over the lettuce and add some slices of hard cheese form Albarracin.
  4. Finally, add the toasted almonds and the raspberry that has been previously hydrated whit olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste.



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