lunes, 28 de abril de 2014

How to wrap, taste and store Cheese from Albarracin

If you are a cheese lover it's your lucky day. Today we want to give you some tips to present, consume and preserve Cheese from Albarracín to get the best out of it.

To present cheese from Albarracin, keep its cylindrical shape (it is more important than cutting thin slices) because it will allow us to cut it into wedges, which are the easiest way to eat cheese.

Once we’ve cut it, it's time to taste our cheese from Albarracin (this is the best part). Alberto Asensio, Albarracin cheese factory's manager, recommends tasting it at room temperature. Consequently, our cheese will need more time out of the fridge in winter than in summer (some minutes will be enough in summer, however, we’ll need at least 30 minutes in winter).

Last but not least: preservation. It’s recommended to keep our cheese always in the fridge (no matter when). Some people doesn’t like it because it gets dry, but don’t worry, we give you a tip to avoid this annoying consequence:  Cover your wedge of cheese with a wet dish towel. It will protect your cheese with a humid film and it will last more, however, it’s better to eat a cut cheese in a few weeks.

Check our website, find the Cheese from Albarracin you like most and start practising our tips.

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