viernes, 8 de marzo de 2013

1st International Congress of Truficulture in Teruel

Along this week we´ve had the honor of hosting the First International Congress of Truficulture.

Source: coiaanpv
Teruel has been the city chosen to gather the most important truffle experts in the world (France, Italy, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina and Israel). There, they´ve had 4 days to discuss and learn old and new techniques of cultivation and crop of the considered black diamond of gastronomy.

The two main objectives have been:

  1. Share knowledge among researchers, managers and producers about the new scientific discoveries in the field of truffles. They also wanted to promote a sustainable production of truffles in many different territories.
  2. Transfer worries and initiatives of the scientists with the truffle professionals, specially the inhabitants of Teruel, where 20% of the global production happens.
If you want to know what they´ve been doing, here´s a link to the program.

Because it was such a great event taking place so close from us, we couldn´t resist and decided we had to be there. Here is a picture of our stand, FULL OF CHEESE; a cheese lover´s dream come true.

In Quesería Sierra de Albarracín, we didn´t go mad and decided we are going to change our business. We still love cheese too much, but we are proud to share with you this event that has taken place so close from us, in our home.

Apart from that, we´d like to remind you one of our gastronomy suggestions in this blog, the cheese cubes with truffles and olive oil. Everybody knows that the Mediterranean Diet is healthy and good for you, but we don´t think anybody knows how delicious it can really be until this easy dish is tried.

Our cheese advise depends on each person´s taste; We have our soft Blue Label cheese for delicated palates. If you rather stronger flavours we recommend Golden Label or Silver Label, both hard cheeses full of different nuances.

Please, remember you will always be welcome in our home, Albarracín and, if it´s too far from you here you have our web and online store.

See you soon and enjoy your meal! ;)

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