miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013


This Valentine´s Day be original and give your lover a tender heart… A CHEESE HEART!

It won´t only be a surprise, but something that you both will be able to enjoy. A delicious and soft cheese, made with love.

This cheese “Corazón de Amante” (Lover´s Heart) is made with pasteurized milk. Its texture is creamy and the rind is yellow, specific to cheeses with short periods of maturing processes.

With its soft touch and curious shape, “Lover´s Heart” is a whim for the senses.

You can accompany it with a soft red or rosé wine and some croutons to make a perfect snack of it. Tasty, complete and romantic!

Flowers are old-fashioned! Let your love for cheese invade you and share it with your beloved ones.

Happy Valentine´s Day!

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