lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

International Livestock Fair FIGAN. Together with PIENSOS SOL

This last March (19th – 22nd) the important livestock international fair at the FIMA location took place in Zaragoza.
The FIGAN (FIma GANadera, ganadería means livestock) collected for the 11th time the newest technological innovations in the livestock-farming sector. The farmers could find the most modern solutions, technical and commercial, to empower the development of their daily activities.
Based on past successful experiences and also because of the ideal logistic emplacement of Zaragoza, there were many farmers gathered there to learn and share knowledge. Among them we were there, the cheese factory Sierra de Albarracín, together with piensos SOL, the most important company in the region that sells high quality fodder for sheeps.

More tan 60,000 people visited the 836 different companies that took place this year at the fair, spread in more than 820,000ft².
This way, FIGAN consolidates its international fame and gets to renew its role as main fair in the world about livestock.
The reason why a little representation of our company travelled with piensos SOL is simple; this company was the origin of what our cheese factory Sierrade Alabarracín means. The cheese factory project started first with the fodder company.
We´ve always said that we take very much care of our sheeps and their nutrition, which we watch very close since we were, first of all, in charge of piensos SOL, then we grew our own sheeps and at the end we became what we are now, a cheese factory that produces some of the most awarded cheeses in Spain.

We are still part of the fodder company and that´s why we couldn´t say no to accompany its team in such important fair for the livestock-farming sector as it is FIGAN in Zaragoza.
It was a great experience with which we got the chance to learn about the newest innovations in our sector. We paid attention to everything but we can´t say that our facilities are old-fashioned at all.

Best regards to those present at this years fair. To all the people who couldn’t come, we just say that we´ll be waiting for you the next year´s edition.
Until then and as usual, you can find us on our website and also on the online store. Cheese delivered at home!

Have a cheeseful day! ;)

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