viernes, 19 de abril de 2013

Madrid Gourmet Fair 2013. A real experience for all the senses.

Not long ago, the most important gastronomy fair took place in Madrid; the “Salón Gourmet 2013”(Spanish).

As you can imagine, we had to be there and so we did, to show our cheese to a very exquisite audience, among many other culinary delights, high quality ingredients and products and also the most select palates. 

We went there together with a varied group of delicatessen producers from our region, Teruel and also with a little representation of our provincial government. We all had the purpose to offer the best products from our land, Teruel, to people who know much about quality products and flavours. 

It was a fair that lasted 4 days (8th – 11th April) but it was never too tiring or long since it was full of new things to discover, to try and experience. 
Among all the activities we found the “gourmet senses workshop”, a space in which people could play with their senses around gastronomy. 

Different tunnels, workshops and corners – for wine, bread, beer, coffee, olive oil, cheese, vegetables, fruit, etc. –come near the Senses Square, space conceived as an agora where all the activities take place Fair´s website

Furthermore, there was a special corner specialized on our favourite subject: cheese, the Gourmetquesos 2013.
There people could learn thanks to the different workshops offered and related to cheese tasting. These were oriented for both, professionals and fans of this highly valued product.
We list below the different activities offered:

  • Tasting and sensory analysis workshops.
  • Cheese slicing art and the different utensils used.
  • Cheese boards preparation.
  • Tasting for kids.
At the cave of Taste, a pedagogical place where many different activities about cheese occurred, people could find different speeches about the typology, production, service and harmonies between cheese and many different beverages.

In short, attending to this Gourmet Fair was a gift for the senses, especially taste. It was a huge pleasure to find out that there was a special interest on the world of cheese. It was a great surprise and a new way to keep on learning with the purpose to develop better and better.

If we couldn´t find each other at the fair, you know that our website and the online store will always be opened for you. In the case you decide to go by the beautiful village Albarracín, Teruel, you´ll be able to find us there, surrounded by both, architectural and natural beauty.

See you soon!  

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