lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

II Cheese route in Teruel

If you want to be a big cheese, do it in Teruel!

You still didn´t know?

We are about to finish one of the best cheese routes in Spain. It´s located in Teruel region and we couldn´t say no to this chance of sharing our cheeses with all the people coming all the way to our homeland.

The event lasts until this coming Sunday (12th May) and it includes a tasting provincial route in which a wide-range of cheese and also tapas and dishes with cheese as main ingredient will be served in many different places.
To talk about numbers, more than 30 kinds of cheese are being tasted, among them several of our cheeses Sierra de Albarracin, the places which participate are 41 not just in Teruel city, but also in many villages around it.
In addition, there have been many diverse ludic and gastronomic activities such as “Evenings with cheese”.

Most of our cheeses are included in a big number of the places. Some kinds that can be tasted are our awarded cheeses in the last 3 years of the World Cheese Awards (WCA); super gold, gold and silver medals.

These are:

It may be too late to come this year, but we´ll be waiting for you on next year´s celebration of this wonderful and delicious cheese route  along the region of Teruel, Aragon, capital of the Mudejar art and architecture.

Albarracin, Teruel

Until then, you can meet us in our website and if you get curious about our cheese, it´s possible to order through our online store.

Let´s enjoy cheese together!

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