lunes, 16 de diciembre de 2013

Christmas Tree Cheese Platter Recipe

This is super  easy and a great appetizer for the upcoming holiday season. You can use our delicios cheese of Albarracín, cherry tomatoes, olives or grapes.


- Cheese from Albarracín

- Cherry tomatoes

- Olives

- Grapes


Cut cheese of Albarracín into bite-sized chunks.

Alternate layers of rows of cheese and tomatoes. Rows should get smaller as you move up the platter. In between each row of cheese and tomatoes add a layer of herbs.

Use a chunk of cheese at the bottom for a trunk. I also freehand cut a star shape out of one piece of cheese.

Serve with crackers and enjoy!
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Cheese from Albarracín Teruel

Photo: beautyandbedlam

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