viernes, 17 de abril de 2015

Albarracin, World Heritage City.

Albarracín is a Spanish town, up in the province of Teruel, two hours drive from Valencia, part of the autonomous community of Aragón, and capital of the Sierra de Albarracín Comarca.

A picturesque place, surrounded by stony hills, at 3900 feets above sea level, whoever visits the inner-city, gets instantly transported to the Middle Ages. 

Apparently unspoilt by modernization, walking towards the village evokes somehow a sense of wonder.
In 1961, the city was declared "Monumento Nacional" by the Spanish government. For decades, tourists came and went back home with an aim of repeating their experiences in the future, reason why, many media have considered and promoted the city to be one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

Its medieval architecture and narrow streets have been proposed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. But we all know, is not only a matter of monuments, but a matter of how its 1075 inhabitans protect their cultural values as brave as their ancestors centuries ago.

Part of the culture and traditions, is the "Quesería de Albarracín". Following the production techniques of generations of shepherds and craftsmen, pair to pair with the most modern food technologies, create one of the most recognised cheeses in Spain. 

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