viernes, 22 de mayo de 2015

The cheeses from "Quesería de Albarracín" are being sold in Dubai with Mariscal & Sarroca.


Mariscal&Sarroca is an Spanish enterprise headquartered in the Region of Aragón and specialised in selling and exporting gourmet Spanish products,"the flavours of Spain".

It is conquering the Middle East with more than 1000 Spanish products already tasted over there.Among many others, such as the extra virgin olive oil with gold, or with saffron, there are some of the best cheeses from our "Quesería de Albarracín". Our cheeses have been top considered and awarded in many trade fairs and events like the Global Village or the Gulfood Trade Show Dubai

Detail in Spanish of the magazine ""Actualidad de las Empresas Aragonesas"" (May 2015)
about Mariscal & Sarroca and Cheeses From Albarracín. 

Our "Don Manuel" and "Blue label" are two of the most popular cheeses sold in these markets. The "Blue Label" cheese has been included at the 101 best cheeses in the world by Culture Magazine in 2013. 

From Quesería de Albarracín we want to especially congratulate Mariscal&Sarroca and thank them for trusting in the quality of our products. They are one of our distributors for the Middle East and in the U.K.

Looking forward to success!

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