viernes, 1 de julio de 2016

"La Cava de Mia", the exclusive spanish cheese matured in a natural cellar

We are excited to announce that next July 6 our new cheese "La Cava de Mia" will be introduced, the great newness and pride from the Sierra de Albarracin Dairy. A Spanish gourmet sheep's cheese differentiated and exclusive because its maturation: in a natural stone cellar on savin wood shelves and under conditions that facilitate the cultivation and growth of a specific mildew (penicidium candidum).

Alberto Asensio, director of Quesos Sierra de Albarracin which celebrates its 10th anniversary, will welcome the guests at the Cheese Factory. Here we will pay attention to the interventions of Jose Luis Martin, an expert cheese refiner and project collaborator, and Antonio Jimenez, managing director of the Santa Maria de Albarracin Foundation.

At 12:30 we will visit the facilities and the official opening of La Cava de Mia, unique in Spain as cheese ripening cellar. Here's when we can enjoy the first taste of cheeses made in the Cava. A smooth and creamy texture with the aromas and flavors provided by its natural cave, and the very intensity of our raw sheep's milk.

The lunch will take place at the restaurant "Tiempo de Ensueño", owned by Maria Jose Meda and Sebastian Rosello, who also manage the "Hospedería El Batan" in Tramacastilla, awarded with a Michelin star.

Photo: Sara Gimeno

A special day like this must end the same way: with an exclusive private tour at 17:15 to the Cathedral of Albarracín, before its pending opening for September this year when the Foundation celebrates its 20th anniversary. 

We look forward to sharing with you this new Spanish gastronomic treasure in which such dedication and enthusiasm were placed. These cheeses "La Cava de Mia" assume a new life for Quesos Sierra de Albarracin and we invite you to join it.

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