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Sierra de Albarracin Cheeses win again at the World Cheese Awards 2017-18!

One more year we have to celebrate the success of our cheeses at the World Cheese Awards. This time, Quesos Sierra de Albarracín received 8 medals consolidating this cheese factory as the most awarded in Aragon.

The 30th edition of the largest and most prestigious cheese contest in the world, the World Cheese Awards, took place with 3,001 varieties of cheese being judged in a single day during the London Festive Edition with a historical record of countries participating in the event.

The different participating cheeses arrived to London through 12 points of consolidation spread all over the world: Australia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Colombia and South Africa, among others. A total of 230 professionals from 29 different countries met to compose the jury in charge of tasting, sniffing and blindly qualifying the 3,001 varieties, and awarding the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Super Gold medals to the deserving cheeses.

This professional jury was able to recognize once again the art and know-how of the small artisan cheese industry in Teruel "Sierra de Albarracín", making them worthy of a gold medal, three silver and four bronze medals: the most awarded cheeses in our region.

To date, there were already 5 varieties of our cheeses that had obtained the highest recognition of the contest, a gold medal or super gold. These were the semi-cured raw milk "Gold Label", "Blue Label", "Wine Cheese", "Green Label" and cured pasteurized milk "Silver Label". After this last edition we must add the "La Cava de Mía" soft cheese, the latest of the novelties from this Spanish cheese factory that came onto the market just over a year ago. With all this, the Albarracín cheese factory has won 36 World Cheese Awards medals to this day.

In summary, the World Cheese Awards 2017-2018 have been distributed as follows:
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This international event coincided with the Aragon Food Awards, organized by the Government of Aragon, where "Sierra de Albarracín" cheeses have been called to receive the Award in Agroalimentary Crafts. The jury of these awards justifies this recognition in "having maintained a high level of quality, increasing its range of products while their penetration in the market and prestige". Without a doubt, these are days of celebration for this Spanish Cheese factory!

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