sábado, 10 de febrero de 2018

Chef David de Jorge: "These cheeses from Albarracin are extraordinary!"

The great chef David de Jorge, better known as "Robin Food" in social media and thanks to the TV program that increased his popularity nationally, dedicates an article in his blog after tasting our Sierra de Albarracín cheeses. 

There were two cheeses, one Black Label and one Gold Label, which David could taste and to which he dedicated his verdict: "they go off the map": 

"You close your eyes and at the first bite you feel a firm texture with balanced and intense flavor, consistent, slightly spicy and restrained seasoning, with a tasty, harmonic and pronounced final aftertaste." 

You can read the full article (in spanish) here. From Albarracin, thank you very much for your review, David. You already know that you do not have to come to Albarracín to get more cheeses like these. We have more artisan cheeses available online and in different sizes.

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