viernes, 4 de agosto de 2017

Tasting the artisan and exclusive Spanish cheeses from La Cava de Mia

Due to the growing reputation of Aragonese cheeses in Spain and internationally, the tv program "Objetivo" (Aragón TV) returned to our Dairy to record a report highlighting the role of the Sierra de Albarracín in this international recognition with our latest and successful innovation "La Cava de Mia" while obtaining the title of The Most Awarded Dairy in Spain at the World Cheese Awards 2016-2017.

"A family project with own livestock that since last year has a public facility." Sara Narro, communication manager of Sierra de Albarracín Cheese, welcomes the TV program team inside La Cava de Mía.

"This is La Cava de Mía, inside the Cheese Shop Sierra de Albarracín. It's a cheese refining cellar. Refining a product is to give it the touch of perfection and here is what we do in this kind of cave using the ultimate technology to generate the conditions of  natural cave. So we can control the temperature and aeration humidity."

The final result, which can be appreciated with the senses, is confirmed by Alberto Asensio, Dairy's manager with one of the cheeses born from this Spanish gourmet innovation. "One of the aspects to be evaluated in any tasting is that external format. Immediately after, its cut begins to speak of this product. This cheese aurea clearly defines the crust matured in a highly humid environment above 90 percent practically all weeks, two and a half months or two weeks, three months maximum. This 750 grams format is how we get the optimum timing."

To conclude the visit, Objetivo underlines our commitment to a different product that is added to the wide range of Cheeses Sierra de Albarracin exported to countries like Japan or Qatar.

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