viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2012


The last October 26th was the opening of the bar Tozino at the Maltby Street Market. What was at first a simple stall ofering jamon (cured ham) from Teruel (Spain) freshly cut, our cheese from Albarracín, etc.. has now become a specialized Spanish bodega. 

There you won´t only just be able to taste their delicacies, such as jamon, cheese, truffle, cold meat, etc.. but also to buy them!!

Tozino has been growing along the years, thanks to Chuse and Zac, in the gastronomic panorama of London. They cut jamon for special events like, for example, the Tapas Fantásticas, or the World´s50 best restaurants or even for the Spanish athletes during the Olympic Games this last summer. They do it also for restaurants: Boqueria, in Brixton and Zorita´s Kitchen).

They now bring to the English public, special delicacies from Spain (cheese, cold meat, wine, saffron, truffles and tinned food).

Don´t miss the chance to visit the only one BODEGA at the Maltby Street Market (Bermondsey). It´s open every Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

Here are some more pictures of the great opening.

We remind you that, either in Tozino Bar or via online, you can buy our products and enjoy all the variety that we can offer: wine cheese, rosemary cheese and cheese in oil are some of our gourmet delicacies.


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