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Cooper´s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake Festival

Source: Wikipedia
As cheese lovers, we can´t let pass the chance to talk about a festival that occurs in UK every Summer; The Cooper´s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake Festival, in Gloucestershire.
As its very own name says, it´s all about a race down the hill in which the people chase after a big cheese that has been also sent down the hill just one second before. The prize will be the very same cheese that the fastest racer gets to take.
Source: Wikipedia
It sounds fun, but it´s also hard since finishing this peculiar race with no harm is practically impossible.
The Cooper´s hill is so steep that the cheese (7 lb) reaches a speed of around 65 mi. per hour. It becomes a real danger if anyone gets in its way and it has been since 20 years ago the same kind from the same local artisan; a double Gloucester cheese.
There are several races along the day; 4 or 5 down the hill and other 4 or 5 up the hill. Is in these last ones when children under 12 can take part in the “game”.
At the lower slope there are catchers, strong men who are in charge of grasp and stop the participants with too much inertia. You can also find ambulances and health workers to assist the injured people.
Some of the injured get to cross the winning post the first, but they end up so tired and with so many bruises that they can´t even rise the cheese they´ve just won.
Anyway, what´s sure is that all the people have lots of fun either way; participating or just watching. Is a day of joy and laughter.

What would you think if we import this celebration into our village Albarracín? We also have a great and steep hill. It´s even surrounded by the medieval wall.
Shall we start a new tradition? Which of our cheeses would we throw downhills? 

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