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Source: BBC Good Foof Show

For the first time in history a cheese from Aragon, Spain has been selected as one of the TOP 16 Best Cheeses in the World. That happened in the annual and international contest celebrated in Birmingham (UK) the last November 28th.

More tan 3000 cheeses from 33 different countries have come to this last edition of 2012.

Joaquin Alpuente and Alberto Asensio pose with the winner cheeses.

One more year, we come back home with more prizes and recognitions to our job. It makes us really happy to know that our daily effort is reflected on the quality of what we produce, which is appreciated by the best cheese experts in the world.
This way we want to let all the people know that any time they tasted or bought one of our cheeses, they were bringing the best quality to their homes. This fact fulfil us with joy and we can´t do another thing other than celebrating and sharing our happiness with you.

The kinds of cheese awarded this year were:

  • One SuperGold medal for the soft Blue Label Cheese. It was in the TOP 16 previously mentioned.
Under the category Ewes Milk 51

We present here the sign of the Super Golds Top 16 that´s on the website of the WORLD CHEESE AWARDS.

Cheeses Sierra de Albarracín keeps on celebrating awards, but what´s most important, we celebrate a constant increasing of the sales since 2 years ago, when we won the first  gold medal in the WCA 2010.
Twelve hardworking people make this dream possible in spite of the Spanish crisis and we grow together with our clients needs.
Our sales forecast for 2013 tells us that we will reach our break even point. That is a production of 70.000 Kilos (155.000 lb) from which a 20% goes to foreign markets: United Kingdom, Japan, Holland, etc.

Thank you very much for being there and specially for sharing our happiness.

We are waiting for you in Albarracín and also in our website.

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