viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

Autumn Stockbreeding Fair of Biescas, Huesca, Pyrenees (October 2012)

As every year at the end of October, a very interesting Fair takes place in the beautiful village of Biescas. Located in the Pyrenees and surrounded by the most beautiful mountain landscape (Huesca Spanish province).

This weekend the Autumn Fair, which is always growing bigger and better, is one more year going to be full of activities such as different cattle shows, traditional games exhibition, mushroom tasting, veal tasting, etc. Among these activities, our cheese from Albarracín will be taking part of the IX Autumn Cheese Contest. (Cross your fingers for us).

As novelty of this year, there will be a new big top where the cheese and wine producers will be offering their own delicacies. The big top will be divided by two parts; one commercial and one for tasting and voting for the best Autumn cheese. There you will be able to taste some of our well known and award winners cheeses: Black Label, Green Label, Gold Label and more…

We recommend a little visit at least one day, you won´t regret being surrounded by all the stockbreeding environment together with other cultural activities: Photography contest, Gorriti festival, a puppeteer show of Binéfar and the previously mentioned tastings.
It´s a Fair made for all kinds of audience. ¡Come and check it out yourself!

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