viernes, 13 de julio de 2012

Original Spanish Potato Tortilla with a twist (cheese & bacon)

This recipe is little different from the authentic Spanish Tortilla most of us already know. You can add practically any tasty ingredient to give it a nice twist: red or green paprika, carrots, tomato, spanish Jamon/Ham, etc. This time we added our 9 months cured rawmilk variety from Sierra de Albarracín® Black Label and some bacon to add some deeper flavours to the tortilla.

-Eggs 4-6
-Potatoes, 3-4 medium sized
-Raw milk (unpasteurized) Sheep´s Cheese, in this case we used our “Black Label”
-Olive Oil

After peeling, cut the potatoes into randomly sized slices (usually around 1-2 mm thick). Fry the potato slices in olive oil and take them out of the pan before they are done/coloured, leave them in a heat restistant bowl and put aside. With the oil still hot, add the bacon and fry untill they´re almost crispy. In the meantime you can stir up the eggs by hand inside a small bowl, add some salt, but remember the cheese already contains salt so don`t add too much. When the bacon is nicely coloured and almost crispy, take them out of the pan and add them into the bowl with the tortilla slices. Now you can add some cubes of cheese and mix everything together with the previously stirred eggs.

Use a non stick pan with a little bit of oil, when hot add the contents of the bowl and wait for the eggs to set up, to avoid any burning lower the heat of the stove. As soon as you notice the eggs are set, we get to the trickiest part of the process: turn the tortilla over while using a big plate/pan cover or -optionally- a special “tortilla turner”.

Enjoy! This recipe made exclusively for “Cheeses from the Sierra de Albarracín” by

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