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Visit Teruel, Discover Albarracín And Join Us At La Quesería

Mudejar style in Teruel, the most typical and famous.
Teruel is a legendary city thanks to the famous story of the lovers of Teruel, it´s full of charming corners like the central Plaza del Torico, the aqueduct of the arches and the popular Paseo del Óvalo.

Aqueduct in Teruel
From the earliest times, several prehistoric and Iberian civilizations settled in the area of Teruel. Reaching the highest prosperity during the Middle Age, a wall was built around its perimeter to separate its Christian land from the Muslim kingdom of Valencia, right next to it.
Plaza del Torico
It was precisely this Islamic influence that left in Teruel and Aragon the most important Mudejar monuments of Spain. It´s a fusion of Gothic with Muslim architectural elements that make this style unique around the world.
Thanks to its history, Teruel is full of little charming streets to visit and wonderful museums, such as the Diocesan Museum of Teruel and the Provincial museum.
Near the city of Teruel are historic places and villages like Albarracín, declared a National Monument.

Albarracín was the former capital of a Moorish kingdom (Taifa), ever since it has preserved all its Islamic and mediaeval characteristics. This entire multicultural heritage brought a wide range of architectural and cultural styles and built the village as it is now; narrow, steep and unorganized streets are all around. The medieval defensive walls are much longer than the village itself. What we see today corresponds to three different periods of construction.
View of Albarracín and its wall
Albarracín also offers the opportunity to visit some museums; the Bishops Palace has a Diocesan Museum (Santa María Foundation) attached to it with a good collection of Flemish tapestries. Other museums that you should not miss are the museum of Albarracín, the Museum of theironworks and there is even a Toy Museum, all of them are places of great interest.
If after touring the whole day you still have strength enough to walk around a little more, we encourage you to go to any of the bars or restaurants in Albarracín and enjoy with a piece of the best cheese of the region; Cheese from Albarracín (Queso de la Sierra de Albarracín) accompanied with a revitalizing glass of wine. The fine texture and delicious flavour of our cheeses will help you out to recover some energy and it will be the best end of a journey that a person could ever have.
Surrounded by all this ancient heritage, La Quesería de Albarracín could not find a better environment to produce its cheeses, from taking care of its own ewe to the final process of tagging the cheeses; all respecting the artisan way of centuries of cheese culture.
Come visit us and enjoy all that Teruel, Albarracín and us can offer to you! Beautiful views and places and, of course, delicious food, specially jamón (Spanish ham) and our cheese.

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