martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

Tribute to Wine Cheese from Albarracín.

Wine is one of the most importants products of Spain due to its cultural tradition and its important meaning on our mediterranean gastronomy and diet. There are those who say, wine started to be produced on the Iberian Peninsula during the Bronze Age.

Thousands years later, the consumption of wine went worldwide and are many, the companies innovating and experimenting with their own products that combined with red wine creating unique result.

At our Quesería de Albarracín, we elaborate Wine Cheese with 100% sheep milk pasteurized.

The final product has been awarded on many national and international events and competitions such as the feria de otoño Biescas, or the world cheese awards, getting the gold medal.

For the cheese, we have an own ranching there in the Sierra of Albarracín (Spain), surrounded by montains, where we breed cattles and take the pure pasteurized sheep milk that we marinate with wine resulting in a special touch with an different soft taste. 

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