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Mediterranean Diet, healthy and delicious

Snacks have always been a part of most of people´s lives, but the question is: How can we adapt this not too healthy habit to the famous style of the Mediterranean Diet? Our lives are nowadays more and more busy, so we don´t have time to sit down and have a full meal. A little snack helps us to keep on going until the next meal, the problem is that those bites tend to be chocolate or chips from a vending machine. These types of snack are not only poor in nutrients, they also provide us the worst elements for our health, such us saturated fat, salt, flavours and preservatives, all of them not included in the Mediterranean Diet.

Why snacking can be good for us.

‘Snack’ foods have a bad reputation, which is usually well deserved. However, the concept of snacking is not bad at all. A healthy snack between meals can help us to bear hunger. In addition, if you go to eat lunch very hungry, it is possible that you will over eat, or grab the first thing you find without thinking about nutrition.
Eating at regular intervals is also beneficial for our metabolism, and thus helpful with weight control. If we suffer hunger for a long time, our body starts keeping “fuel”, this means storing energy in the form of fat, instead of burning it. An ideal snack should be around 200 calories or less.
As last advantage, snacking is a great way to add more nutrients to your diet. You can have more calcium with a snack such as yogurt or cheese, or increase vitamins with fresh fruit or vegetables.

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