jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

We export cheese from Albarracín, Spain to the World

Where should we start with, to produce one of the best cheeses in the World? Well, first of all is growing the alfalfa that will feed our sheeps. That, added to the fine care that we take of them is surrounded by the incomparable background of Albarracín. What else could we ask for?

It was all very natural” – says Alberto Asensio, the Director of Cheese from Albarracín- “We always believed that with good milk, an appropriate production process and an optimum period of maturation, it wouldn´t be hard to produce a good Cheese”.
Having our own flock is our most Added value. We know where the milk comes from; our lands in Albarracín, and we try to take the best care of the sheeps that we can. This Added value is very well appreciated in countries such as Japan, Qatar, Colombia and Holland, very different among them. The foreign clients are now the 5% of our total sells and growing.
We always try to make our possible clients to come and see the production process and also enjoy the lands that surround the whole factory”- says Liewe Schwerzel, Export manager, from Holland- “Albarracín is not very well known but it´s a Middle-Age village with much charm, even one of our Japanese clients bought a house nearby

Being a little factory doesn´t stop us from getting recognition not only in Spain but also around the World, the most important was the Gold Medal in the World Cheese Awards 2011, celebrated in Birmingham, UK. From there, Cheese from Albarracín started to be better known internationally and also nationally and the sells started to grow.
We are now thinking about exporting to two countries that know a lot about cheese: Germany and, why not? United Kingdom, since we got the award there it could be a great opportunity for us.
What is sure is that, no matter how much we grow, we´ll stand loyal to the family-factory concept that we have always had.
Come visit our online store and verify yourself that what we say is true and, of course, totally worth it!

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